Woodland Crafts - Tripod seats and Bum Mats

In this workshop you will make yourself a comfortable woodland stool and mat to rest your derriere on, which of course you will be able to take home or on your next outing into the wilderness, or garden party. We will utilise most of the materials from nature (cordage being the one exception, as creating enough suitable cordage from natural fibres takes a while see our other workshop Natural Cordage and Hooters for learning about natural cordage). 

For many of us, a simple tripod to keep us in a raised upright position and away from the ground makes all the difference in comfort, and having a small roll mat should you wish to sit on or use for keeping your personal belongings clean as easily accessible is also a handy item to have.

All matrials and tools are provided for this workshop, just be sure to bring a packed lunch and a mug or full bottle/flask 

This workshop is aimed for people over the age of 13 and participants will be shown the different techniques to safely create their wares using the tools required for this, mainly a folding saw with a little bit of knife work.

Price £40/ adult, under 16's £35 (under 16's to be accompanied by an adult)

Adult                                                                                                 Under 16's