Richard Farthing

Richard was fortunate to come from an active family so he was encouraged to engage in outdoor activities from a young age. His love of camping and outdoors life started from the time in various Scouting and other youth groups. Like many others his camping evolved on receipt of the SAS Survival Handbook which took Richard from the organised style of camping the Scouts showed him to the joys of tarps and bivouacking. After 25 years of constant learning by experimentation and doing. He is lucky enough to spend time introducing his children to the wonders that are the natural world. The learning hasn't stopped there and Richard always relishes the chance to meet new people and share skills and ideas.


Over the years Richard learnt the value of good food round the campfire, it not only sustains us but it provides a great morale boost and really brings a group together. Whether it's a simple stew, freshly baked bread or a roast with all the trimmings, almost anything is possible to do over the campfire. Richard just loves to share the simple joys of cooking around the campfire and he looks forwards to sharing that with you.