This is a more advanced course covering maps and compasses in depth for those having competed the starter course or refreshing rusty skills. The course will include how to work out grid references and taking a bearing.

After a quick intro as to why navigation is such a great skill we will cover the following:

  • 3 D's - Detail, Direction and Distance


  • Legend and key

  • Scale

  • Grid lines Longitude and Latitude

  • Contour lines

  • Magnetic/ Grid North

Compass and its parts

  • Magnetic needle

  • Rotating bezel

  • Base plate and bearing arrow

  • Aligning lines

  • Compass points - North, South East, NNE, WSW etc

  • Roamers

Grid references

  • Longitude and Latitude (along the hall and up the stairs)

  • How to take a bearing

  • How to convert a Magnetic bearing to a Grid bearing

  • Mag to Grid, get rid"  Grid to Mag add"

  • Back Bearings

  • Resection (time permitting)

This is a 3 hour workshop and will include some walking and map reading exercises. All equipment is provided for the duration of the workshop, please wear sensible outdoor clothing, refreshments are available prior to the workshop. At the end of the workshop you will have time to ask questions and there will be some freebies for you to take away with you.

Pricing: £30/head (minimum age 12yrs, under 16's must be accompanied by an adult)

            £100 family of four based on 2 adults and 2 children.

Please contact us directly if booking without a stay at The Secret Garden Touring Park. Campers who are staying at The Secret Garden Touring Park get a 10% off Crafty Campers Discount when booking through the campsite.


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