Derek Smith

Born as part of the Baby Boom into post war austerity, life featured the reality of Make It - Make Do - or Do Without. Luckily Derek was born into a long line of Makers. His Great Grandfather made steam boilers, his Grandfather a skilled carpenter, and his Father made everything to his food and the homes he lived in. No surprise then that when he retired from a career as a laboratory manager, Derek turned back to his passions of wood, carving and cordage. Hand carving greenwood with axe and knife is his preferred medium, with particular focus on the challenges involved in making the humble eating spoon. what surprised Derek is the number of other people who also want to engage in sustaining the craft of greenwood carving. Consequently you can often find him with the other two important ingredients - company and a campfire - demonstrating the techniques of using the simple yet incredibly versatile tools of wood, axe and knives. He says if he likes you, he may even be persuaded to show you some cordage uses.