Andrew Callaghan

Andrew enjoyed being outdoors from a young age, living near a military training ground he was often out and about when the military were not training (sometimes when they were!). He was a Cub then an Army Cadet before joining the Army as a Junior Soldier at 16. He served in UK, NI, Germany, Cyprus, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, the Middle East and Central America as well as the first Gulf War. After a total of 26 years he became a civvie! Before his discharge is was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for his work outside his normal role.

He first became interested in Bushcraft when Ray Mears appeared on TV and later was invited to Ray Mears Woodlore School to apply for an Instructors role. This is where he realised that his military outdoor skills were not the same as Bushcraft Outdoor Skills!

He set about to remedy that and attended the Institute of Outdoor Learning (IOL)Bushcraft Competency training before setting up Fenland Bushcraft. He is part of the IOL Bushcraft Group and member of IOL.

He has appeared at various shows in the area: Land Rover Owners International Show, Fenland Country Fair, East Anglian Game and Country Fair to name a few. He has also contributed to various magazines and online articles.

His outdoor skills have also been an asset during his time as a Search Technician with Lowland Rescue. He is also the Vice Chair of Heritage, Culture and Community. This is a Community Interest Company based locally.

Andrew has now handed the everyday running of Fenland Bushcraft over to the Chief Instructor, Geoff Preen but maintains a healthy interest in Bushcraft appearing (normally unannounced) on site occasionally 

Andrew has set up ECHO (Education, Community & Heritage Outdoors) Company UK and is working with local schools, community and youth groups to encourage people outdoors. He has also designed and working on an outdoor education area for a local school.

Andrew is one of the Ridgeline Clothing UK Faithful (Ambassador) and can normally be seen with Project Harry, his 1985 Land Rover 90.

Note: he also normally has a coffee in his hand.